Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Winter is the season of long shadows and short shooting days. It is when the earth is brown with patches of dark green and the sky can be so cold and blue. Nature becomes transparent in winter; you can see a long way through the barren hillsides. Winter with its sharp angles and lines that reach to the sky is a time for taking stock of what was and dreaming of what is ahead.

So what am I dreaming about this winter? I am dreaming that around the world, cooler heads will preside and we can get back to the task of creating for and selling to each other instead of fearing one another. I am dreaming of a time when the headline on the evening news will be about an opening at the art museum. I am dreaming of a time when it will take months and months to buy a gun and only an hour to renew a passport. I am dreaming of a time when we greet each other by saying, “How can I help you.” But my biggest dream for 2005 is to continue creating images that make people smile, laugh or just connect with their inner humanity.

This fall was a busy time at the studio. We just finished creating a private stock library for Vanguard. We also shot a series of environmental portraits for Town Motors and a packaging project for Pfizer. Did you receive our mailed poster? If not, and if you would like one, just let me know.

Thank you all for a great year, let us all keep dreaming.


Zave Smith

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