Wednesday, July 2, 2008


It’s the nature of this business - periods of insane work schedules and periods of insane quiet. The busy periods are easy to handle: you’re facing into the wind but with a clear sense of purpose pushing you forward with focus. You know what you’re about and you’re working towards a goal. It’s those quiet periods that can drive you mad… When the phone stops ringing and the calendar looks like a desert, your mind has room to play games with your soul. Self-doubt rears its ignoble head and that rotten refrain “what will I do with the rest of my life” rolls through your brain. Welcome to the head-trips of the nervous and the restless. These are the times when you recall the parental voices echoing something about going to medical school like your cousin… Remember though, one of the nice things about being human is our ability to choose which games we will play. When the studio business cycle reaches that calm spot between the waves, instead of listening to those dark tapes in the back of your head - ask “What if”?

What is “What If”?

When my current client base is hibernating I like to look around and see where else in the jungle the signs of life are stirring. What if I considered the possibility that other clients or business sectors might need what I have to offer? What if called on a company I’ve never talked to before? What if I offered different services to my present client base?

What if can also mean trying to create something in a way that I never had before. One of my favorite activities is to take elements of a recent assignment and re-explore them to see what other visual possibilities might be there. I have found that each one of my slow periods has forced me to re-examine what I do and how I do it. Each slow period has enabled me to grow and reach to the next level of my career. Sounds strange, but I would not be as successful as I am if I had always been busy. Slow times can be scary, but they can also be wonderful periods of exploration. These explorations can be on the business side, on the creative side, or better yet, both sides in this crazy business. These times of unrestricted, undefined exploration are sometimes just the thing we need to recharge our creative juices and allow us to reach our next star. We invite you to take a moment and check out our website and see what new work the summer’s calm has allowed us to create.


Zave Smith

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