Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just Before I Discovered Girls

Just before I discovered Girls, I was really into shortwave radio. What made shortwave fun was listening to radio stations from countries that you did not even know where countries, like Radio Windward Island. True shortwave people kept a world map and put marking pins into countries that they manage to listen to. Shortwave nerds would even send the radio station a reception report so the station would send you a thank you postcard. Lots of postcards from obscure countries meant lots of bragging rights.

Today I am getting a similar kick out of Google Analytics. This web tracking tool tells you how many visitors your website receives and where your viewers are from. Google Analytics even has a world map with markings on it that like my shortwave days of old which shows you how many people from each city and country recently visited you site.

I find this information very cool and very useless though I do wonder sometimes why suddenly 30 people in Singapore decided to spend some time looking at my work. Now if I could only figure out a way to charge these viewers…


Zave Smith

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