Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Am Not A Doctor

I am not a doctor like my brother, nor a teacher like my spouse. I have saved no one from hell nor created a web 2.0 business. I am just a photographer. I’m not even a hell bent to save the world photojournalist. For I am just an ad guy. I create images that help sell products. Or, as one of my favorite creative directors once said, “We create landfill”.

Luckily, the pictures I create do have a certain power. Somewhere between my studio and the city dump, millions of people see my work. For a brief moment while filliping pages and dismissing come-ons for things they don’t really need, my pictures reach out catch their eye and make them smile. For the power of my images is their ability to tell the universal story of our pleasures and our pains. It is this power of affirmation that helps us all feel human again.

If the beauty of my photographs can create so many smiles in people across the globe I am doing something very worthwhile.


Zave Smith

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