Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Daddy Always Said

Floating above America with new work in hand. Did I achieve what I hoped to achieve or are the new images more of a promise than a reality? “Stay open”, I often consul others, “Enter into a dialogue with your work. Your pictures will point and tell you which way. Don’t rush them, don’t judge them to soon or to harshly.”

So easy to say, so hard to do, I feel like a preacher with much sin on my hands.

Floating above America after a weekend in the Big Easy. Hot, humid, a lot of hurry up and wait. We had four to five portrait sessions scheduled. We have dreams of a book. We have dreams of the big time, we have dreams of making a difference, and we have dreams of a decent cup of coffee and a cool gin and tonic.

Like most self-funded projects, the type of projects you squeeze into an already crazy life. This project about the love and relationships between African American Fathers and their children has been more talked about than worked on. We have dreams but we also have paying clients.

One of our five fell through before we began; the second canceled ten minutes before we were to meet. But the three that we did hook up with worked out just great, I think.

What is it I want to say? What is it I want to show? Are these three portraits interesting, compelling, visual or even worth viewing? Will my partner, Glenda McKinley English, like them or think that I am just another poser?

New works are like babies; we should not judge them to harshly. We need to sit back, enjoy watching them grow. For our children can teach us even more than we can teach them if we learn to listen well.


Zave Smith

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