Monday, April 27, 2009

America Is Waiting

America is waiting. We are hoping that our money supply will outlast the siege in our banking system. We are praying that while we are watching others fall around us, that through brilliance and willpower, "I" will one of the survivors.

The creative community is waiting. We are hoping that our corporate masters will realize that the only way to survive is to seduce America into buying their dreams and that we, the creative community are those masters of that seduction.

We are waiting for the leaders of industry to reclaim their passion. We are waiting for the bean counters that only know how to cut costs on the backs of others to step aside. We are waiting for those of us who dream of innovation, who dream of serving their customers, who know that only real way out of this morass is to reclaim the true passion of business which Is not only profit but most importantly customer satisfaction will be allowed reclaim the leadership of corporate America.

We got into this mess by putting short-term profit first. We started making cars that while profitable, but were not world class. We allowed our bankers to stop thinking about what was best for their customers but instead lend money to people who had no chance of repaying so that they could pocket their 3%. We created bureaucracies that rewarded blind obedience to rules and formula instead of service to our citizens. If America is going to climb out of this hole, and I fully believe we will, we will do it by reclaiming the mantel of service and leadership. We will become leaders when we put aside the lingo of self importance and dedicate ourselves not to next months profit margin but to building companies, institutions and brands that stand for more than making money but for truly serving our client’s needs.

I am tired of waiting. So tomorrow and each day after I will re-dedicate myself to my craft and to telling my client’s stories with all the passion and creativity that I have. If we all do this, if we all say enough of cost cutting and back room politics and re-dedicate ourselves to our customers, the waiting will soon be over.


Zave Smith

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