Monday, March 9, 2009

The Cure

I have been at this for a while. There have been good years and there have been years where sleep came hard for worry.

I started my career in 1982, a year with a similar economic climate to this one with high unemployment and no optimism in the air. Like many of you here I am receiving a fair amount of resumes and young photographers asking for advice these days.

I was never one who buys the idea that it was “better back then” a career in the creative arts has always been a difficult choice. We who dedicate our lives to constant reinvention soon discover that we cannot always pull the next big thing out of our camera shaped hats. Our markets are not forgiving. Our markets always want the next big thing.

So what do you say to the next bright eyed recent photo grad with a huge heart, deep passions and a small camera? How do you find the right tone between follow your heart and watch your wallet? We all want it all; sex, money, power, sprite and the idea that you are saving the world. How do you let them know that while few have it all, with hard work many of us get to drink a bit from the cup of joy even during times where the oxygen seems to be leaving the room.

To those of you who are starting your careers, have faith, work hard and keep on creating images that are close to your heart.


Zave Smith

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