Monday, November 10, 2008

Leaves have fallen, what stories do I tell?

Leaves on the ground, what stories do I tell?

We have had an amazing run at the studio. This whole year was crazy but the last 6 months set all sorts of records.

This morning I wake to find frost on the ground. At the Studio, I now find frost in my client’s pockets. Everyone is scared. Everyone is nervous. Only the warm glow of the election is keeping things from freezing up.

The coffee is rich and warm. The morning sun is changing the window’s darkness into shapes of fall color. I have some time today. Stories that have been held up inside by the demands of commerce now have room to wiggle free.

Snippets of conversations overheard, “He kissed me so I kissed him back” an attractive 30 something women told her friend. “My life was hard before I met him” said the eighty-year-old lady at next table pointing to her second husband.

My editor sends back the new photos and tells me how great they are. These are pictures that I almost did not send in because I did not believe in them. What to make of all this?

It is time to cook. What is in the pantry? Do I mix up some comfort food or do I try something completely different. Leaves on the ground, what stories do I tell?

We have posted a lot of new images to our website, go take a look:


Zave Smith

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Scott Dickerson said...

Hi Zave, I just found your blog and I'm excited to add it to my overwhelming list of unread things that I plan to read on that mysterious day in the future when I commit days to contently sitting on the couch reading. .. For today though I found your writing peaceful, calm, creative and hopeful. Your words seem to mesh nicely with your images and with these two pieces of you together I can't help but believe you must be a person that brings fresh air with you.

Thanks for your efforts on the blog, I hope they are rewarding and I hope I find myself reading here again.