Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Comes the Dawn

The first time that remember watching the setting sun I was sitting on the fallen walls of an ancient Roman city. The sun was bright and red when it set swiftly into the Mediterranean Sea. I was five miles from a hostile boarder and learning to love a moment in time. I was just 13.

I remember watching dawn from Nabi Musa. We had climbed this mountain by torch light during the night in order to watch the sunrise from the spot that legend says Moses came face to face with God. I really don’t know if I believe in God but I do believe in beauty and when that first light reached across the desert and grabbed my heart I learned the meaning of awe.

On a clear night on the shores of Lake Wessota, my new bride and I saw a meteor shower. It seemed that the stars were dancing just for us. Love can do that to a fellow.

This morning the sun rose again. The light danced between the trees while I read the morning paper and this evening it is setting across the field while my old dog pretends to chase bunnies that are no longer there. Once again I am moved. Once again I know that the most beautiful sunset and sunrise that I will ever see, will be the one that I will see tomorrow.


Zave Smith

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